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LG ADQ73693901 Water Filter for LG Refrigerators GWL2011NS GWL207FBQA GRP207GVZA GRP207NAZA

LG ADQ73693901 Water Filter Cartridge, branded filter for LG fridges. Very easy to change, connects to 1/4" water pipe using twist lock type fittings and includes full instructions. Suitable as a Replacement inline filter for LG Fridges using the following external water filter models: 5231JA2010B, 3650JD8050A, 3890JC2990A, 5231JA2012A, BL9808. For LG refrigerators: GWL2011NS, GWL207FBQA, GRP207GVZA, GRP207NAZA, GCL197DSL, GRD257SL, GRL227STG, GRP227STG, GCL197HFS, GRL197NIS, GRL247DPSL, GRP247MSZ, GCL197NIS, GRL197VS, GRL247GTZ, GS9366AEAV, GCP197DPL, GRL197WVS, GRL247STB, GSD665BSL, GCP197DPSL, GRL207GTZ, GRP197NIS, GSD665PL, GCP197HPL, GRL207GVZ, GRP197QJA, GSL668PL, GCP197STL, GRL207MGZ, GRP197QTJA, SRS583HDP, GCP227FSL, GRL207MSZ, GRP197WVS, SRS611DLS, SRS614DW and more.


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