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Carbon filter compatible with Caple Cooker Hood AFRAFFCALN2

AquaHouse Charcoal filter compatible with Caple cooker hood models: CGC600SS, F3 70 INOX SL, SBXC600SS, F3 90 INOX SL, CCH1, CCH2, F5 60 INOX SL, F3 60 INOX SL, CCH3, CCH4, BXC600SS, F3 100 INOX SL, F3 90 INOX PL, F3 90 NERO SL, BXC900SS, BXI900SS, F3 60INOXSL, SLF4/100SS, SLF4/60BK, SLF4/60SS, SLF4/70SS, SLF4/90AN, SLF4/90BK, SLF4/90SS.


£7.49 (tax incl.)