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EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter & 99.6% Scale Prevention, Water Softener Alternative

EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter & 99.6% Scale Prevention, Water Softener Alternative

EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter with Proven 99.6% Scale Prevention, Effective Alternative to Water Softener. The EcoPlus system filters levels of Chlorine and other compounds to improve water quality, and prevents limescale for your whole home. Also descales existing pipework. Main filter life 3 Years.

Cost effective chemical and salt free alternative to a water softener

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EcoPlus Home Water Filtration System with 99.6% effective scale prevention & Whole House Water Filter



The EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter uses the latest in scale prevention and water filtration technology to filter the water for your whole home or business premises. Once installed the system will filter all of your water to a high level, descale existing pipework, and prevent future scale from forming - without adding any chemicals or salt into your water! The scale prevention filter media is proven to be 99.6% effective, making this an extremely effective system.



The system comprises of two stages of filtration

Stage 1 - Water filtration

The first filter pod on the system contains a multi media filter which will filter levels of Chlorine, THM’s, PCB’s, and reduce levels of heavy metals (if present) such as Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury and Iron. The filter media also has antibacterial properties to help control bacterial growth. This produces good tasting water for the whole home which you can drink from any tap. This is also great for the garden for plants, paddling pools, de-chlorinated water for fish keeping, etc.

You will need to replace this first filter on the system just once every 12 months (dependent upon usage and incoming water quality)


Stage 2 - Scale prevention (softener alternative/conditioning)

The scale prevention takes place within the second filter without adding any salt or chemicals into the water. The filter does this by using a process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), which basically conditions the water and converts the hardness minerals in the water (Calcium and Magnesium) into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals. This prevents the Calcium and Magnesium from bonding together to form limescale, and also over time will descale existing pipework and appliances. Because of this process no natural minerals are lost from the water, and no chemicals or salts are added either.

Water which has undergone this filtration process has a softening effect which prevents scale from forming in pipework and appliances, around sinks and washbasins, and will help prolong the life and efficiency of your appliances. The scale prevention media is effective even in the hardest water areas has been tested independently against the international protocol for scale prevention with a 99.6% effectiveness rating.

You will need to replace this second filter on the system just once every 36 months / 756,000 litres* (depending upon incoming water quality)



The system comes complete with new filters, pods, and mouting brackets. The system has 3/4" BSP threaded nipples pre-installed, and is simply connected inline with your cold water mains pipe to filter the water for the whole home / premises. This is a very straight forward installation for any plumber.

We also have a full bore compression fittings bypass kit and flexible hoses available as an optional extra, these are useful for tight installations where the system cannot be installed in-line with the pipe and needs to go underneath / above the pipe instead. Please see "accessories" tab for fitting kits in 15mm and 22mm sizes,



The internal water filter media used in this system is WRAS approved and meets Nation Science Foundation (NSF) 61 approval. This is the American standard for drinking water products which is world renowned and internationally recognised. 


Technical Data



340mm height, (allow for fixing brackets overall height is 490mm). Width 480mm Depth 210mm



Small / average homes where flow rates will not regluarly exceed 8 litres per minute

Flow rate:

 8 to 20 liters/minute at peak flow*

(for large homes or with Megaflow boiler, please use our EcoPlus XL unit)


Filter change Life span:

1st filter: Water filter change every 12 months

Replacement filter code: WFMSUPER10BB

2nd filter: Scale prevention filter change once every 36 months

Replacement filter code: WFM-10BBSSWF




3/4” BSP threads on unit, to be connected inline with water mains pipe

(optional extra by-pass kit to fit either 15mm or 22mm pipes available - see "accessories" tab for bypass fitting kits)


Maximum Pressure:

70 PSI



*Peak flow: The system will treat water up to the peak flow. The system can be run constantly at the lower end of the flow rate for 24/7, 365 days a year and maintain constant scale protection, the system will also maintain scale protection at peaks in flow of up to 20 lpm for several minutes but not constantly for hours/days at this flow rate.

For example, in a home setting, a bath may be filling at 8 lpm whilst in another room a toilet is flushed. This will result in a temporary peak in flow above 8 lpm however will not effect the performance of the system. If however you have several bathrooms, and/or appliances which draw a high flow of water - such as a megaflow boiler - you will require the larger EcoPlus XL system.

If you require a scale prevention system for a large home or high constant flow rate for commercial/industrial applications please see our EcoPlus XL version of this system, or our commercial High Flow Scale prevention system (search for reference: WFM-835).

  • Depth 21 cm
  • Filter Type Water Filter
  • Height 49 cm
  • Product Type Whole House Water Filter
  • Width 48 cm
    By Diana R. on 27 Nov. 2017 :

    Title : EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter
    Comment : We had this system installed in February 2017. We live in a very hard water area and I would say that this system is about 90% effective for us , as we still have a little scaling in our kettle and sometimes there is a film of scum when having a cup of tea. However, the water tastes good and is so much better than previously. I would still recommend the system.
    (EcoPlus Whole House Water Filter & 99.6% Scale Prevention, Water Softener Alternative)

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    By Chris O. on 08 Oct. 2016 :

    Title : Few Tips on Installation ...
    Comment : Firstly - this is a great product and well constructed - feels very solid. I would recommend it for it's quality, and now we have been using it in the house for about 2 weeks, we have definitely noticed an improvement (shower/bath/dishwasher/tea/etc.). Our house has two adults and two teenage kids and it seems to cope okay with demand. It does fall down a little with the level of detail in the instructions and you are left to "work it out". I ended up with small Jubilee Clip left over that I never worked out the use for! So here's a few tips I thought I'd pass on; My version came with one big bracket spanning both filter pods, rather than the two separate ones shown on this site (may have recently been updated). The filters are very heavy once full of water and the single central plastic fitting may be a bit weak if it's the only thing holding them together - take care when mounting. We mounted ours in the cupboard under the sink as this is where the water inlet is. Another good point is to make sure you mount them so the filters hang about 6cms from the floor so you can unscrew them and drop the blue body far enough to clear the black head unit as & when you need to change filter material. Put a tray or similar under the filter before you unscrew it so it catches any spillage. The black BSP fittings that come with the kit for the inlet & outlet (seen in the image above) require fitting by you. They are made of plastic as is the head unit they screw into, and although this is not a problem in itself, make sure you put a fair bit of the supplied PTFE tape round the threads first (I had to try to seal one three times before succeeding). The male thread has to almost fully disappear into the head unit to ensure a watertight fit. I've done a few pointers under the bypass pack as well if you buy one.

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    By Frances G. on 10 Apr. 2016 :

    Title : Frances G
    Comment : We have used this water filter for a year now and I could taste the difference in the water as soon as the filter was fitted. It has kept our kettle descaled and a plumber who came round to repair our washing machine couldn't believe how clear of scale our element was, considering the water hardness where we live.

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