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Salt Free Water Softeners – How they work

Salt Free Water Softeners, TAC, and Template Assisted Crystallisation


The scale prevention takes place within the filter without adding any salt or chemicals into the water. The filter does this by using a process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), which conditions the water and converts the hardness minerals in the water (Calcium and Magnesium) into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals. This prevents the Calcium and Magnesium from bonding together to form limescale, and also over time will descale existing pipework and appliances. Because of this process no natural minerals are lost from the water, and no chemicals or salts are added either.

This filtration process has a softening effect which prevents scale from forming in pipework and appliances, around sinks and washbasins, and will help prolong the life and efficiency of your appliances. The scale prevention media has been tested independently against theGerman DVGW protocol for scale prevention and has achieved up to 99.6% effectiveness rating.


Compared to a water softener

  • Up to 99.6% efficiency independently verified using the German DVGW test for scale prevention.
  • The proven water softener alternative with no maintenance – fit and forget – filter media lasts for at least 5 years
  • No moving parts to break or fail, doesn’t waste water in regeneration or backwash – water softeners do.
  • Total boiler and appliance protection with no associated corrosion issues, clears existing scale deposits from pipes, fittings and appliances.
  • Unlike water softeners – no salt discharged into the environment
  • Unlike water softeners – no salt to buy or add which will save you money


  • The internal water filter media used in this system is WRAS approved and meets Nation Science Foundation (NSF) 61 approval. This is the American standard for drinking water products which is world renowned and internationally recognised.
  • The scale prevention media has been independently tested up to 99.6% efficiency using the German DVGW test protocol for scale prevention.


The Filter media has been used extensively around the World in a number of sectors including agriculture, industrial, food and beverage, plumbing, facilities management, nutrition, health etc. Checkout our range of Salt Free Water Softeners at Water Filter Man


October 21, 2011 at 9:22 am
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