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How to fit a water filter


Water Filter Installation Instructions

under sink water filter kit


This tutorial explains how to fit a basic under sink water filter kit 


General Notes

**Please note that if your fittings are ‘push fit’ fittings make sure that you push any tube in completely and firmly, you should feel them slide into place if done correctly.

Firstly ensure you have a suitable site for the system, and make sure the system will fit in the chosen site. This will be somewhere with a cold standard sized copper mains water. Usually beneath the sink where the water filter tap will go is the ideal place; however in situations where there is not enough room for the system itself beneath the sink the system can be installed in a neighbouring cupboard and the pipes can be run through the side panel of the cupboard to where they need to go.



Step 1 – Fitting the Mains Clamp (Push fit clamp)

  1. Firstly hand-turn the self piecing screw head on the top of the clamp until the piecing pin has completely retracted into the roof of the clamp and cannot be felt. – This is important or it will prematurely piece the pipe when securing the clamp.
  2. Find a suitable pipe for the clamp to latch onto; this should be a standard sized copper cold water mains pipe (such as the one that runs to the cold tap). Ensure that the pipe is the cold water pipe as the water filter system will not work with hot water.
  3. Put the clamp around the pipe and slide the metal cradle between the clamp and the pipe. For 15mm Pipe the widest arch side of the cradle should be the side that is in contact with the pipe.
  4. Tighten the bolt at the bottom of the clamp with a spanner (not the top self piercing screw head) until it is tightly secured to the mains pipe.
  5. Push a short length of ¼” pipe into the push fit connector on the Self Piercing Mains clamp

At this stage leave the clamp as is until the rest of the system is connected. When connected Hand-turn the self piecing screw head on the top of the clamp until it will turn no further and has completely pierced the mains pipe, then turn back so it opens the valve.

Note: If you are using a push-fit clamp then the clamp will always leak from the push fit connector socket when the valve is first opened, this is normal, keep pushing and pulling the pipe where it goes into the clamp and moving it from side to side until it stops dripping. This is normal and it will stop dripping after being pushed and pulled as described.


Step 2 – Fitting the Tap

Note: if you have a 3 Way Tap you can skip this step

Note: if you have a granite worktop and need to drill through it as you cannot fit the tap onto the sink you will need to use specialist drill pieces and techniques for granite drilling. Alternatively you may wish to replace your normal hot/cold tap with a tri-flow tap

  1. Find a suitable place for the tap to be mounted; usually they will fit on the corner of a sink. You will need to ensure that where the tap is mounted there will be enough room underneath the sink for you to use a box spanner / other spanner to tighten the bolt on the taps screw stem to secure it to the sink.
  2. Alternatively, if there is not enough room to mount the tap to the sink you can drill through the worktop by the edge of the sink, again ensuring there is enough room underneath to tighten the taps bolt


Tips for drilling the hole on a sink:

  1. use metal drill bits and begin with a small one (about 2mm) and build up the hole using drill bits increasing in size by 1mm each time. You should finish by using a 12mm drill bit, drill the hole and carefully widen it a little by moving the drill around until the stem for the tap will fit into the hole.
  2. Put the smallest rubber gasket that comes with the tap onto the sink top hole, and put the tap stem through this.
  3. On the underside of the sink, first put the larger rubber gasket and then the metal one around the screw stem of the tap
  4. Put the bolt on the screw stem and tighten the bolt until the tap is securely fixed in the desired position/angle on the sink.
  5. Then push a piece of ¼” pipe into the push-fit fitting inside the bottom part of the taps screw stem


Step 3 – Fitting the Water Filter Cartridge

  1. Find a suitable place to fit the clamp which will hold the filter, and screw it in place so that it is secure.
  2. Connect the ¼” water pipe from the Mains Clamp to the Filter Cartridge to the correct end of the Cartridge (there is a flow direction marker on the Filter)
  3. Connect the ¼” water pipe to the other end of the Filter and connect this to the tap
  4. Ensure all pipes are pushed in fully and open the Mains Clamp Valve
  5. Flush 5 minutes of constant flowing water through before drinking


Thank you for reading our tutorial on how to fit a water filter tap



The information contained within this document should not be considered as professional repair or installation advice. Water Filter Man Ltd is not responsible nor liable for any plumbing work done on your behalf, any suggestions of procedures are listed purely for informational purposes only. If in doubt consult a professional plumber.

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