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Advantages of a 3 way tap

3 Way Taps as they are known have been increasing in popularity throughout the UK over the last decade. This has partly been down to the ever increasing popularity of under sink water filter systems and also down to the convenience a 3 way Tap provides.

3 way tap

3 way tap

So what exactly is a 3 Way Tap and why is it convenient?

These taps literally are 3 Way Taps which can dispense hot, cold, and filtered water all from one faucet. The characteristics of 3 way tap are typically that of a kitchen mixer tap with a filtered water lever on the side. Other variations of 3 wayTaps also include a dual cross style of tap which consists of two side levers for hot and cold water, and a separate centre lever for dispensing filtered water.

One thing to note with 3 Way Taps is that not all of them use a separate internal dedicated spout for dispensing filtered water, some will use the same spout channel in the stem of the tap.

Please note that this does not mean a separate neck or spout coming from the tap, but rather the hole inside the stem of the main tap. This basically means if you are running hot water from your 3 Way Tap, and then decide to pour a glass of filtered water by using the Filtered Water Lever, you will get some unfiltered hot water coming out of the 3 Way Tap for the first few seconds. This scenario is typical of the cheaper models of 3 way taps, however more expensive and better quality models will use a separate internal spout so this issue does not arise.


So how easy is it to fit a 3 Way Tap?

Well put simply, if you can fit a Kitchen Tap, then you can fit a 3 Way tap. The vast majority (if not all) 3 Way Taps use standard sized fittings. Typically they will come with 3 separate hoses to connect to 3 holes on the bottom of the tap. One hose will connect to the hot water pipe, one to the cold water pipe, and one to the water filter pipe. The fittings may vary in size for the water filter pipe however all of the 3 Way Taps for sale at Water Filter Man ltd come with a hose with standard ¼” fittings, which enables you to connect the tap to the vast majority of under sink water filters (or to a ¼” to 3/8” adapter depending on your current pipe size).

3 way mixer tap with water filter lever

3 way mixer tap with water filter lever

3 Way Tap disadvantages?

In terms of convenience, and looks, there are no disadvantages with a 3 Way Tap, in fact the only disadvantage for most people is the high price tag that has been put on these taps. Large brands  can cost anywhere between £200 – £800, which many will agree is a lot for a tap. However Water Filter Man Ltd has began importing high quality 3 Way Taps and retailing them online from as little as £79.99 (inc VAT and with free postage and packing!)

So if you have just got a new Water Filter and don’t want the inconvenience of using a separate dedicated Drinking Water Tap, then checkout our range of 3 Way Taps for the highest quality at the best prices.

October 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm
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